What is VOD?

api.video's hosting service enables you to upload and store video files, which can then be easily embedded and shared across various devices and platforms. The platform automatically transcodes videos into multiple formats, resolutions, and bitrates, ensuring that the video content can be played on any device with any internet connection. api.video's transcoding and delivery is one of the fastest on the market.

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What is a video object?

Learn about the basic building block of api.video's VOD solution.

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VOD quickstart

Get up to speed about the concept of VOD through building a video uploader and a video listing service in this quickstart guide.

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Templates & demos

Try api.video's interactive VOD demos, and build your own app with our free repository templates.

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Video upload

Understand the different way you can manage video ingestion using api.video.

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Using tokens

Learn about how api.video offers different authentication methods for video upload using tokens.

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Video management basics

Check out this guide to understand the different operations you can use in api.video's solutions for VOD.

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Check out api.video's dedicated libraries and SDKs for video on demand.

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No-code solutions for VOD

Build your solution without code using api.video's supported no-code plugins.

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