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General Errors

Error map

Error messageStatusDescriptionDetails
Invalid attributes.400You sent in a parameter that doesn't exist, isn't correct for the endpoint you're using, or has a bad value.
The payload is invalid.400The payload you sent is missing OR it cannot be json decoded.
Your account has reached the webhook urls limit.400You have too many webhooks.
The requested resource could not be found.404You requested a resource (video, live stream, etc.) that doesn't exist at all or that doesn't belong to your project.
Unrecognized request URL.404You send a request to an endpoint that doesn't exist at all, for example GET /foobar.
Method is not allowed for this route.405The endpoint exists but not for this HTTP method, for example you DELETE /webhooks instead of GET.
Too many requests.429You sent too many requests and exceeded the API rate limit.
Server error500An error occurred on our server, we are working to fix it.

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