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Live Stream Ended

The live stream-ended endpoint is an instant Zapier trigger. It is powered by's webhooks. Each account has 10 webhooks available, and they will push the data to Zapier immediately - leading to the "instant trigger" nomenclature.

The live stream ended webhook will fire when the live-stream.broadcast.ended webhook alert is sent. This means that one of the live streams in your account has ended its broadcast (the broadcasting switches from true to false.). It is the opposite alert of the live stream started zap trigger.

When you choose this trigger, you'll authenticate your account with your api key (which you can find on the dashboard). When you test the Zap - Zapier uses sample data provided by (no webhook has been created yet)

Setting up a Live Stream Ended trigger using the Zapier plugin

Now you can create an action to occur. Here are a few ideas that might be useful (They are all the opposite of the started ideas):

  1. Tell a slack/Discord/chat channel that your live stream has ended (and we hope you'll join next time!).
  2. Remove the video player from your webpage - now that the stream is ending.

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