How does video delivery work? lets you customize a large part of the delivery, from the branding of the player, to adding captions, chapters, and watermarks. You have full control over how you deliver the content to your users. The flexibility does not end with player customization, you can build your own player in order to deliver the content in the best form you see fit.

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Delivery & analytics quickstart

Learn how to make the most of your content delivery through branding, customization, and gathering analytics.

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Analytics & data

Start collecting delivery event data about your videos and live streams.

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Using custom domains

Maintain your company branding by delivering through custom domains

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Domain referrer restrictions

Make sure that your videos and live streams are delivered securely, and only through your domains

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In-stream ads

Implement in-stream ads to monetize your videos and live streams conveniently.

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Private videos

Learn how you can secure and manage access to your videos.

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Player SDKs

Check out's dedicated video player libraries and SDKs.

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Analytics SDKs

Check out's dedicated libraries and SDKs for delivery analytics.

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